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Is DPI the next Y2K
BlogDigital Public Infrastructure
November 13, 2023

Is DPI the next Y2K?

Y2K established India as a reliable provider of global IT services. DPI is transforming India into a leader in the digital economy. Is DPI the next Y2K moment for India, where it transitions from a provider of custom IT solutions to a provider of national digital infrastructure?
Flipping the Narrative
BlogSustainable Development
October 27, 2023

Flipping the Narrative

The Global Hunger Index 2023 ranked India 111 of 125 countries. The government rejected the ranking, saying that it was a flawed measure of 'hunger'. Is there a better way to measure hunger? Turns out there is – using supply-side data. Methodology matters, the data model matters, data quality even…
BlogSustainable Development
October 16, 2023

Achieving SDGs – An Actionable Framework

The Metraa framework leverages open data, digital transformation, digital public infrastructure, and sustainable models for service delivery. This framework will foster collaborations and partnerships, boost local entrepreneurship, and put countries on a path towards sustainable resilience and social equity.