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Sustainable Development


The Rash that Cost $1538

The US spent $4.3 trillion on health care in 2021, which accounted for about 18% of GDP. Life expectancy today is at its lowest in 25 years. Health outcomes have clearly not matched the spending. What gives? Hawkai Data takes a deep dive into 50 years of health care data…

Garbage In, Garbage Out

The Global Hunger Index 2022 was released earlier this month. Methodology matters; data quality, even more. Read why, when your input data is garbage, you shouldn't expect anything but garbage output.

Towards Zero Hunger

Is the planet on track to meet SDG 2? Are countries measuring and tracking these goals consistently? Read how a facility-based data collection, process, and tools allows for a simple and cost-effective model to track status and distance to target.

The Kericho Pilot

Cities Navigator has been nominated for the UN SDG Action Award ( under the Connect category. The Kericho Pilot connected diverse partners, bridged the gap between citizens and institutions, improved data literacy, and flipped the script on baselining and measuring Sustainable Development Goals. Watch the video to learn more.