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Sustainable Development

Flipping the NarrativeBlogSustainable Development

Flipping the Narrative

The Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2023 ranked India 111 out of 125 countries. The Indian Government promptly rejected the ranking, saying that it was a flawed measure of ‘hunger’. GHI is calculated by aggregating and normalizing multi-dimensional data, which include mortality rates of children under five, undernutrition among children, and…
Ranjit John
October 27, 2023
1BlogSustainable Development

Achieving SDGs – An Actionable Framework

The Metraa framework leverages open data, digital transformation, digital public infrastructure, and sustainable models for service delivery. This framework will foster collaborations and partnerships, boost local entrepreneurship, and put countries on a path towards sustainable resilience and social equity.
Ranjit John
October 16, 2023
The Rash that Cost $1538BlogSustainable Development

The Rash that Cost $1538

We look into 50 years of health care data and propose a new model that right-aligns market forces and aligns profits with quality of care and health outcomes. The Direct-Care Capitation Payments model will significantly improve community health indices at about a third of the costs.
Hawkai Data
January 4, 2023
Dashboards for Measuring ImpactBlogSustainable Development

Dashboards for Measuring Impact

How do you measure social impact? Our article on facility-based data collection and how it provides a low-cost and last-mile accurate solution to measuring SDG targets has been published as a chapter in the book 'The Geographies of COVID-19' published by Springer Nature.
Ranjit John
November 7, 2022
Measuring SDG ProgressBlogSustainable Development

Measuring SDG Progress

Is the planet on track to meet the Sustainable Development Goals? Read how a facility-based data collection and process allows for a simple and cost-effective model to baseline status, track progress, and measure the social impact of investments.
Ranjit John
March 28, 2022