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Customer Experience

Guaranteeing Adoption by Managing Change

Expect-More-Accept-LessBlogCustomer ExperienceDigital Public Infrastructure
January 17, 2024

Expect More, Accept Less

Public sector companies in the financial sector in India are reporting record profits. However, a visit to any of their branch offices shows that nothing much has changed since the 80's. What explains this dichotomy?
On Customer Experience — 3 LessonsBlogCustomer Experience
August 15, 2022

On Customer Experience — 3 Lessons

Why customer experience matters. Why perception matters. Read how small changes can make a big impact to your digital transformation.
The HTML Form That Cost ₹5 CroresBlogCustomer Experience
March 6, 2021

The HTML Form That Cost ₹5 Crores

How do you measure the success of a city's digital transformation? By the rate of citizen adoption of its e-services. A resident will adopt an e-service if it is accessible, intuitive, and inclusive.