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Digital Public Infrastructure

Delivering Population-Scale Services

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March 18, 2024

On Data – Poverty, Quality, and Fragmentation

Why do digital transformations fail at such an alarming rate? Failure is a function of adoption. For adoption, customer experience matters; data, more so.
Expect-More-Accept-LessBlogCustomer ExperienceDigital Public Infrastructure
January 17, 2024

Expect More, Accept Less

Public sector companies in the financial sector in India are reporting record profits. However, a visit to any of their branch offices shows that nothing much has changed since the 80's. What explains this dichotomy?
Is DPI the next Y2KBlogDigital Public Infrastructure
November 13, 2023

Is DPI the next Y2K?

Y2K established India as a reliable provider of global IT services. DPI is transforming India into a leader in the digital economy. Is DPI the next Y2K moment for India, where it transitions from a provider of custom IT solutions to a provider of national digital infrastructure?