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The Kericho Pilot

By June 2, 2022November 22nd, 2023No Comments
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Facility-based data was collected in the city of Kericho, Kenya. This data was ingested into the Cities Navigator app, which allowed local residents to be informed of services and engage with the facilities. The same data was used to get a measure of the status of several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Local residents were trained and up-skilled in mapping, collecting and cleansing data, and a train-the-trainer program was created to replicate the Kericho pilot in any other city.

The Kericho Pilot connected diverse partners, bridged the gap between citizens and institutions, improved data literacy, and flipped the script on baselining and measuring Sustainable Development Goals. Cities Navigator has been nominated for the UN SDG Action Award ( under the Connect category. Watch the video to learn more.