Hawkai DataNet


Hawkai Data provides a cloud-based data platform and a DATA (Digitize > Analyze > Transform > Activate) process to quickly prototype, scale, and operationalize applications and services. Start your enterprise automation today and create new business and customer experiences using Hawkai DataNet.


Data Ingest Tools
Data Collection Tools


Data Cleansing Tools
Machine Learning Tools


Location Intelligence Tools
Business Intelligence Tools


Data Virtualization + Low-Code
Quick Start your Apps and Services


Are different parts of your organization solving similar problems using different applications? Are these applications siloing your data even more? Do you have yet another application for integrating the data? Instead of an app-first approach, move to a data-first strategy and let the data drive the applications.

Pre-loaded with third-party data and pre-integrated into third-party micro-services, Hawkai Data provides a cloud-based data platform that makes your data instantly actionable. Leveraging Data Virtualization and Low-Code, accelerate your enterprise's digital transformation using the Hawkai DataNet platform.


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